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Cotecna Supply Chain Assurance Services

Supply Chain Assurance Services

Cotecna has developed a range of services to help clients mitigate any potential risks that their company or organization may face across its supply chain. This includes everything from the identification and evaluation of your suppliers, the customs classification of your products, to full procurement auditing and supply chain security services.

Supplier Sourcing & Procurement

Cotecna’s supplier sourcing & procurement services helps clients find and audit suppliers, evaluate market prices and optimize their procurement processes. Learn more.

Customs Tariff Classification

Cotecna’s customs tariff classification services (CTCS) enable clients to minimise the risk of fines and penalties resulting from an inadequate classification of their products. Learn more.

Government Services

Cotecna also provides various security services to governments, port & customs authorities, ministries and businesses, for the protection of their supply chain. These services can be individually tailored to meet the exact requirements of your organization. Learn more.