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Cargo Scanning

As the first private company to invest in high-energy cargo scanning technology for Customs purposes in 1999, Cotecna has over the years become the scanning-as-a-service market reference par excellence. Our state-of-the-art scanning solutions provide Customs and Security authorities with a comprehensive solution to facilitate cargo clearance, combat fraud and smuggling, and optimize revenue collection.

What we do

Cotecna provides a modular and scalable service offering that brings immediate and sustainable benefits, ranging from basic operational assistance to comprehensive management of all Non-Intrusive Inspection activities, including:

  • Fully financed Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme
  • Design of operational and safety procedures
  • Site management, traffic marshalling
  • Full maintenance (including guaranteed uptime)
  • Systems upgrades
  • Scanner operation
  • Training, capacity building and know-how transfer


  • Trade Facilitation
  • Ports and borders decongestion
  • Increased revenue collection
  • Enhanced security
  • Customs modernization
  • Deterrent effect on inappropriate behaviours
  • Access to industry’s best practices

El Salvador Case Study

Cotecna was awarded a 10-year concession contract to improve security, efficiency and safety at El Salvador border crossings. Find out more about our success story:

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