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Our Comprehensive range of services


Cotecna is a world leader in the development of solutions that allow Governments to fight against fraud, enhance national security and facilitate legitimate trade at the borders.

For over 40 years, we have developed innovative high-tech solutions that aim at reinforcing Customs and Fiscal administrations in their missions of trade facilitation and revenue protection.

We respond to the needs and requirements of our customers through solid public-private partnerships in which we ensure the pre-financing, by providing specific solutions such as non-intrusive inspection technologies, Customs inspections supervision centre, Electronic transit monitoring , container security solutions, automated risk management, Valuation, Classification and Customs investigation platform.

To ensure the sustainability of the deployed solutions, we systematically provide an on-going program of capacity building and transfer of competencies, which guarantees the effective autonomy of our clients.

By providing added-value technical assistance services, Cotecna confirms its pivotal role alongside Governments and Customs Administrations.


Cotecna provides its commercial customers with full testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services. We ensure contractual compliance for a wide range of commodities, including agricultural products, metals and minerals, as well as consumer goods and general cargo.

For this purpose, the Group conducts testing of commodities and consumer products through a network of dedicated, accredited regional laboratories. In our quest to provide our customers with innovative solutions, we recently launched our E-dox® service, allowing clients to transmit documents electronically using the most advanced encryption technology. Clients of our trade finance support services benefit from our unique on-line administration and reporting tool, Vestalis™.