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Cotecna is committed to professional excellence. As a company, it believes that its contractual and business obligations can only be fulfilled through uncompromising dedication to its clients’ requirements and by adopting the highest professional and ethical standards in all it does. This constitutes our business promise.

For this reason, Cotecna has implemented a business ethics and compliance program throughout its network of offices. At the heart of the program is the business ethics and compliance code. The code’s principles and rules apply to all Group activities, and include standards for technical and professional conduct in the following areas:

  • Integrity
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Prevention of bribery
  • Ethical marketing and fair competition

Most importantly, we place business ethics and compliance above all commercial considerations. To ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of our code, we subject our business ethics and compliance program to an annual independent assessment conducted by the company’s external auditors.

For further information please contact the Group Compliance Officer Adrian Walker, [Reveal email address], or click here to send a report.

Cotecna’s Business Ethics and Compliance Code

Cotecna is a member of Transparency International Switzerland.

Cotecna Group Policy Concerning Countries under National and International Sanctions

Economic sanctions and embargoes are commercial and financial restrictions applied by one or more countries or international organizations against a targeted country, group of countries or individual(s). Such restrictions are imposed by a national or international legislative instrument for a variety of political, military and economic reasons Violations of sanction regimes may lead to penalties.

The Cotecna Group closely monitors national and international sanctions regimes and their evolution when they are imposed on countries where Cotecna currently or potentially conducts its business, with particular attention paid to sanctions imposed by the Swiss Confederation, the European Union, the United States of America and the United Nations.

As a matter of general policy, the Cotecna Group strictly abides by the sanctions imposed by the abovementioned countries and organizations. Consequently, it does not engage in any restricted or prohibited activities when dealing with the countries concerned. Licit trade and support to licit trade or dealings with unrestricted individuals in countries otherwise targeted by sanctions are conducted under strict compliance with the applicable sanction regimes.

For further information please contact:

Adrian Walker
Group Compliance Officer
[Reveal email address]
or [Reveal email address]
+41(0) 22 849 78 14